The Ultimate DayZ Experience

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  • Many Custom Locations

    The server is filled with many custom areas to explore on Chernarus and Livonia, with puzzles to get through, and areas with high risk high reward.

  • Strong Rules

    We have a lot of strong, comprehensive rules and features protection players from having unfair advantages. Along with a lot of rules, we've got a mature, understanding staff team to deal with any problems players may have.

  • Active Discord

    We have an active Discord community where you can meet other players, join in on events, trade your items with others, and understand the rules.

Server Donations

Once we are hopefully approved by Bohemia to monetise our server, we will be opening Priority Queue access for a monthly payment of £10. This will mean you will be able to skip ahead in the queue getting you into game faster. This priority queue is non refundable, and is only valid for 1 of our servers.

Later on we will be releasing some cosmetic clothing for people to buy, however none of these clothes will affect and enhance gameplay. We don’t want a pay to win server. 

Community Discord